The Hands-On Project
The hands-on project was started in September, 2003.  Participants were asked
to photograph themselves getting "hands-on" with the artist.  Some didn't
need to be asked and just got caught in the act.  This project is rooted in one
of my friend's crazy sense of humor and freedom with his camera.  I decided to
keep  this project going because I thought it was funny/interesting/silly that
people were so breast-fixated.  Seeing their reactions was equally hilarious  
Now I just think it's interesting to see different approaches and techniques.  
Halloween, 2003
April 17, 2004
June 6, 2004
June 19, 2004
July 4, 2004
New Year's Eve, 2005
St. Patty's Day, 2006
The one that started it all...
July 11, 2004
November 4, 2004 - my 30th birthday!
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